Modern Portraits

This project is about the portrait. It’s about the way we look, the way we appear, and how they reveal who we are.
^Those are some bold statements that I may disagree on later in life.

It all began with Dennis Hopper. As an art student, I remember watching Andy Warhol’s Screen tests in the mid 1960’s. He shot them in the sixties – I wasn’t there for them. Although I did watch Factory Girl, which doesn’t really say a whole lot. Anyways, I remember that day clearly, because I saw something in that video of Dennis Hopper that stuck in my head. Fast Forward six years, and here I am – Still obsessing about a moment I shared with Andy and Dennis.

Once I had invested in a video camera, I decided to chase this idea. I ask my friends to tell me a story. Captured in a moment, is an unalterable, beautiful telling. This collection of silent films will hopefully describe this indescribable moment that I’ve shared with these people.

As of 1.23.2013, a Google Drive stored all these portraits. As of 2.11.2013, the videos were transplanted to this story format.