My five-year old child

[Fall 2008 – Winter 2013]


i forgot to eat lunch one day. The following day, I forgot to eat it again. I saw it in the fridge the next day, took it out, and laid it out on the table. I forgot to eat it again – and, subsequently, everyday thereafter. After a while, i placed it in the corner of my studio, ruing the day I would have to open it up. After a couple years, I began to look forward to the day I opened it. Two, three, four years of decay released like the infant cousin to an Egyptian tomb.

5 years later, i opened it and died.



I was curious. How disgusting and volatile could the contents of the container become? After a while, nothing had changed. There was no discoloration, no fungal growth, no visible decomposition. In this airtight sealed container, the only indication of this 5-year old baby was expressed in the curved walls of the plastic container. The tops and bottom of the container had sunken in a good centimeter. That’s so cool.